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Every year, the Mason-Rice students, faculty and parents will walk 1.6 miles around Crystal Lake in an effort to teach children about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and to raise awareness about diabetes.  The annual Mason-Rice JBW Walk is sponsored by Principal Mark Springer, and Sara Weiss, parents of Jordan Weiss, and Beth Nohmy, Mason-Rice School PE Teacher.

Research has shown that regular excercise helps all individuals lead healthier and more productive lives.  Exercise helps prevent obesity, a leading risk factor in the onset of type 2 diabetes.  November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  It is hoped that our walk will raise awareness within our community.


Jordan Bennett Weiss (JBW)  Fund is Dedicated to honoring the memory of Jordan Weiss by providing scholarships to enrich the lives of children in the Mason-Rice School community and by developing educational efforts for the general public pertaining to the warning signs of diabetes and related complication.  to learn more, go to www.jbwfund.org

Jordan Weiss passed away suddenly at the tender age of nine on January 19, 2003, due to complications related to un-diagnosed type 1 diabetes.  To honor Jordan's memory, his family, friends and community established the Jordan Bennett Weiss Funds so that other children may be provided opportunities to lead healthier lives and further realize Jordan's passions and dreams.  The JBW Fund id dedicated to honoring the memory of Jordan Weiss by providing scholarships to enrich the lives of children in the Mason-Rice School community and by developing educational efforts for the general public pertaining to the warning signs and prevalence of diabetes and its complications.

Our goals for the JBW Fund are to:

  1. Award an annual college scholarship to a Newton high school senior who is a former Mason-Rice Elementary School graduate.

  2. Provide financial assistance to a Mason-Rice student(s) for participation in extracurricular enrichment programs. 

  3. Increase parent awareness and education focusing on the warningsigns of type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, type 2 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis in the Newton community as well as in the greater Boston area and beyond.

The JBW Fund is in the process of establishing a 501 (c)(3) nonprofitstatus. Funds (in excess of $34,000) are currently being held with the Newton Public Schools.  The JBW Fund Committee is comprised of four trustees - Mark Springer, (principal of Mason-Rice School), Sara and Mark Weiss (Jordan’s parents), Mike Costello (Jordan’s teacher).

Other school staff (one who has type 2) and parents of children who are or were affiliated with Mason-Rice School are also involved.  These include an attorney, an endocrinologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Boston sports writer with access to publicity and fundraising opportunities, a trained therapist involved in a recruitment/marketing venture and an investment specialist.  Adjunct affiliates include a therapist specializing in corporate/community crisis and mental health, a graphic designer, and other dedicated individuals who generously give of their time and expertise.

A subcommittee of the Fund, the JBW Fund Community Education and Outreach Team, consists of Sara Weiss, Linda Walsh, of the City of Newton Health Department, who administers the 21 nurses in the Newton Public Schools, Lisa von Moltke, a former Mason-Rice parent and physician specializing in pharmacology, with a personal interest in type 1 diabetes, and Suzi Kaitz (also a former Mason-Rice parent), who has developed, published and taught health-related curricula for the Newton Public Schools and various professional periodicals and organizations.

The JBW Fund Community Education and Outreach Team’s endeavors to date:

  1. Created and distributed Warning Signs of Diabetes, a one-page information sheet that was presented by the Newton Public Schools nurses to all school staff.

  2. Created and distributed 13,000 diabetes awareness brochures to families in the Newton Public Schools that give the warning signs and provide a general overview of diabetes (in partnership with the City of Newton Health Department).

  3. Drafting legislation or regulations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for diabetes testing at a child’s annual wellness physical.  If successful, Massachusetts will be the first and only state in the nation to implement such a program.  (A similar mandate was in place twenty-five years ago, but was cancelled because it was deemed at that earlier time to not have a “cost benefit”.)

  4. Researching the potential for collaboration with pharmaceutical companies for diabetes education outreach regarding the warning signs of diabetes and for diabetes testing kits for families.

Sara Weiss has established collaborative relationships with state Department of Public Health program administrators for diabetes in various New England states, leadership of the New England Chapter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), JDRF’s national community education director in New York and American Diabetes Association (ADA) leadership in New England.  She is a member of ADA’s advisory committee for advocacy issues within Massachusetts.

In addition, she is working together with Boston attorney Jeffrey Woolf, whose son has type 1, and is instrumental in working with the JBW Fund to implement statewide regulations concerning testing for children.

The JBW Fund Community Education and Outreach Team is continually seeking partnerships/collaborations that will advance the educational and community outreach efforts of the JBW Fund – so that no family will have to suffer the devastating loss of a child which Jordan’s family has endured.

For any questions/comments or if you wish to obtain further information about how to become a JBW Fund volunteer, please contact Sara Weiss at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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